Get More From Your Website’s “Thank You” Pages

by Karen J. Marchetti

When visitors to your website click your response button (for opt-in lead generation) or your “complete my purchase” button, do they get a “Thank You” page with little else on it?

Visitors will pay attention to “Thank You” screens — so why not get maximum value from those eyeballs?

Every “Thank You” web page can generate extremely high readership.

After a visitor has registered or ordered on your website, you’ve gotten the desired action. Why not take advantage of that “prime website real estate” to motivate the next step?

To Further Engage Prospects . . .

Consider links on the “Thank You” page to your:

  • Special Offers page
  • Best-Selling Products page
  • Upcoming Events page
  • Product Information pages
  • Case Studies pages
  • Customer Testimonials page
  • Community Involvement page

For Customers Who’ve Just Made a Purchase:

Consider links on the “Thank You” or order confirmation page to your:

  • Accessories page
  • Related product information pages
  • FAQs or other Help pages (especially if setup or installation is involved)

The Thank You page on your website is another chance to capture the attention of the website visitor.

  • Few (if any) prospects or customers will have read everything on your website.
  • It’s also true that few customers usually realize everything a particular company offers.

So take advantage of your Thank You page by including links to your most visited pages, your most popular products, and any special offers or upcoming events.

Emphasize your customer testimonials to boost your credibility among prospects.  Promote your case studies to show prospects and customers how your products solve problems, or how other customers are using your products or services.

Include links to your online resources to help customers maximize the value from your products — and have a trouble-free installation or setup.

Always take every opportunity to educate your prospects and customers, by linking to content they may find useful.