How to Make Every Word Sell in Your Copy

1. Begin with a smart positioning strategy that answers 2 critical questions:

  •  Why should they buy this?
  • Why should they buy ours?

2. Follow the “sales process” by: reminding of pain and promising pleasure, revealing the solution, “sizzling” the solution by promoting the benefits, going for the close by telling the prospect what to do, telling them why to do it now, and answering the most critical objections.

3. Motivate your audience through one of the 7 key emotions that drive response, including: fear, exclusivity, guilt, greed, anger, salvation, and flattery.

4. Focus on the benefits to answer the question, “what will this DO for me?”

5. Write a headline that tells the prospect “what’s in it for me”.

6. Be as specific as possible, as specifics SELL!

7. Lead (in the first paragraph) with the most important thing you could say to your prospect (hint: it’s probably what you’d say if you were selling face-to-face!)

8. Make it easily scan-able, as 60-85% of people SCAN, rather than read word-for-word. By just reading your headline, subheads, bullet points, and other scan-able items, the prospect should get your entire message (what’s in it for me, why should I buy yours, how do I get it, and why should I do it now).

9. Use “you” and “your” more than “us”, “we”, “our”, your company name, and your product name.

10. Write the way you speak — using simple language, and short sentences.

11. Write the way you’d say it face-to-face.

12. Edit to ensure every word has a specific purpose in your copy.

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