Website Copywriting to Boost Response

Great Website Copy Starts with the Right STRATEGY

We don’t just guess at what makes effective website copy — and you shouldn’t either.

Great copy:

  • Focuses on answering the questions, “what’s in it for me?” and “why should I buy YOURS?”
  • Speaks to each of your individual audiences – your “Buyer Personas”
  • Walks each Persona through the logical Buying Stages in the sales process (solution searching, vendor identification, vendor selection).  Different Content is needed at every stage.
  • Can easily be tested — so we’re never guessing what might work
  • Includes the keyword phrases your Personas are searching for on search engines
  • Uses the right emotional driver to motivate response (there are 7 key emotion drivers)
  • Focuses on driving a response from the maximum number of visitors

If your web copywriter isn’t talking about attracting A, B, and C leads for sales follow-up and on-going nurturing, Contact Us.   Our website copy has generated a 22% opt-in response!

  • We want to capture information from more visitors to your website.
  • We’ll help move more visitors through the sales process and nurture them along the way

How does your copy measure up?

  • HEADLINES should deliver a strong reason to keep reading — the benefit, the “what’s in it for me,” the compelling story line (and with keyword phrases for SEO)
    • Do you have pages with a one-word headline like “Products” or “Services”?  More specific, benefit-oriented “tell me what I’ll learn on this page” headlines draw the reader in and give him/her a reason to continue reading.
  • “LEAD” paragraphs should remind of some pain and/or promise some pleasure — to draw the recipient into the story.
    • How interesting are the first sentences of each page of your website? This is where you should introduce your emotional appeal — using one of the 7 key emotional drivers.
  • SUBHEADS should deliver the entire message to the scanning reader (and to search engines).   Can I get all of your key points even if I don’t read the copy word-for-word?
  • Copy should be conversational. Read it out loud.  Does it sound just like what you’d say face-to-face?  (It should.)
  • Copy should clearly prove what your product or service can do for me that other offerings can’t, or illustrate the benefits your organization UNIQUELY delivers.
    • Does your copy answer the “What’s in it for me?” question — or do you say what every competitor says?
  • Online copy should be search-friendly and fully optimized for SEO. What percentage of your traffic is organic — and is it growing?

See more website copy evaluation points below.

A membership website we re-wrote saw a 67% boost in guest accounts!

Ask a website copywriter how they’re going to sell your product on your website.  You should hear:

  • I’m going to follow the sales process — exactly as I would if selling face-to-face or over the phone.
  • If you use Google Adwords, I want to see which headlines you’ve tested — and which descriptions you’ve tested — and which have done better.
  • “I’ve personally tested  . . .” with various clients, and will do X, Y, and Z, based on that testing.
  • I’ll review your key competitors’ websites — to be sure I craft a unique “why should I buy yours” message

We’ll build search-friendliness into every web page, while focusing each page around 1 or 2 keyword phrases.

Expert SEO copywriters will create your Page Title and Meta Description (to drive CLICKS in the search engine listings), H1 Headlines, H2 Subheads, optimized web copy, text link anchor text, and image file names and titles.

And this fully optimized copy will focus on getting the response to SELL!

We write website copy, landing pages, WordPress blog posts, and white papers.

  • We can take multiple blog posts and turn them into white papers.
  • We can take your white paper and turn it into a slide presentation (or take your slide presentation and turn it into a white paper).
  • We can take your slide presentation and write a script to turn it into a video.
  1. When a visitor comes to your home page, does the copy convince the visitor to stay and learn more?
  2. Can I quickly discover what unique combination of benefits you offer?
  3. Is the “lead” paragraph on every page the strongest it could be? Does it draw me in and convince me to read the rest of the page?
  4. Is every word of your copy there for a reason? Is every word the strongest it could be?
  5. If I just SCAN headlines, subheads, bullets — can I get the key points of your message?
  6. Is it clear how to take the next step?
  7. Is your Offer worded irresistibly? Have you given me a strong reason to take some action?


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