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okbridge-logoimage  Redesign of (including logo creation) boosted response by 67%.

12-Step Program Will Boost Your Website Response

If you suffer from the heartbreak of knowing that your website could have really “been someone” — if only it had applied itself . . .

If you’ve witnessed “paragraph-addiction” firsthand . . .

If you’ve found your website “mumbling” rather than speaking clearly . . .

It’s time for a website development intervention.  Our latest 12-Step Program for Websites will help your website become FIND-able, LINK-able, SHARE-able, ENGAGE-able, VALUE-able, and SCAN-able.

You Might Need a Website Development Rehab if . . .

  • You’re not generating a significant percentage of your monthly website traffic from organic searches
  • A visitor comes to your website Home page and can’t tell why they should do business with you
  • Your key Buyer “Personas” can’t quickly find what they’re looking for
  • The Headline and Lead paragraph on each of your web pages isn’t the strongest it could be
  • The most important Content elements are buried — and don’t stand out to the scanning visitor (that would be 85% – 90% of all visitors)
  • You haven’t given each website visitor a strong reason to take some action on every page

If this sounds like your website, you might need a Website Development Rehab . . . so Contact Us to get started today

“A 12-Step Program to Turn More Visitors into Customers”.

Your website will become more Find-able with more Scan-able pages.

We’ll help you develop Content that’s more Value-able, Engage-able, Share-able, and Link-able.

Effective websites are ALL about Content — from the way your navigation is organized, to SEO-optimization, memorable Content formats, helpful online tools, and Call to Action Offers.

Your website Content, WordPress Blog, and Social Media efforts should all work together.  wp-button

autocrib-thumb2  Does your website have a unique brand look?  Is it memorable?  Are the most important elements at the top of each page?

Does your masthead include your phone number?  Does the masthead take up too much vertical space?

Are your pages easily scan-able?  Have you broken up your copy — with images, bullet points, and subheads?  Have you given the visitor the option of displaying more content — or less?

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miss-america-thumbDoes your website copy “grab” your audience?  Are your headlines intriguing — do they make the visitor want to read more?

What about the first sentence on each page — your “lead” — is it the single most important thing you could say to visitors to draw them into the copy?

  • Is it clear why the visitor should buy from YOU?  Too many websites sell the same benefits the competition mentions.  What are your unique points of differentiation — and are they clearly defined throughout your entire website?
  • Do you know why your customers really buy from you?  Discovering the right answer to the question, “what’s in it for me”? is critical to maximize your web copy’s effectiveness.

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guido-thumbYour Website Content is what tells your story, drives value, and positions you as a helpful company to do business with.

Your Content needs to be crafted to speak to each type of Buyer, and to answer that Buyer’s questions at various stages in the Buying Process.

Offers should also be designed for each Buying Stage — something most companies don’t understand how to do.

Content is more than “words on a page.”  Each piece of Content is an asset that should be maximized — by re-purposing it in a range of formats.

  • A blog post becomes a slide presentation . . .  that becomes a video  . . . that becomes a webinar.
  • Several blog posts become a white paper  . . . that becomes a series of checklists . . .  that become an online tool.

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sdw-thumb2You want an SEO copywriter who really knows how to sell — and who can optimize copy for search engines at the same time.

Optimization should be done for your website, every blog post, your social media profiles, and every YouTube video you post.

  • The last person to touch your copy MUST be a copywriter — because all copy must be written first for the audience, not for a search engine.
  • Your Page Titles and Descriptions are what drive clicks in the organic listings.  Don’t you want your Page Titles written as true Headlines — and your Descriptions written to differentiate you and answer, “why should I buy (click) yours?”

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nes-thumbIs your organic website traffic increasing?

Are your SEO efforts focused on building quality content — and promoting it to generate social shares and links?

  • Are you optimizing each new blog post and each new video you post on YouTube?
  • What about your social profiles — is each optimized for your keywords?

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Why Clients Choose Us

      • We don’t rely on trends — we rely on PROVEN, TESTED design and website usability conventions
      • We are wordsmiths — we know exactly what individual words can make a difference in response
      • We focus on response from the maximum number of visitors — by including low-commitment offers
      • We never forget the need for a UNIQUE brand look for your website
      • We pursue a differentiated positioning to answer “why should I buy yours?”
      • We get RESULTS!  See the numbers

What Clients Say

Karen Marchetti quickly understood what I was trying to accomplish with my website, made suggestions about how I could best meet my objectives and helped me even beyond my high expectations. I would recommend Response FX to anyone looking to enhance their website presence.
Jeff Anderson, Jeff Anderson Consulting
I finally have the confidence that the our web site and the organic traffic is being well managed.
Francisco Bustamante, Lifeline Cell Technology