Video Optimization


Your videos can be very helpful to your SEO efforts . . . as long as you remember that search engines can’t “read” the content of the video.

So videos have to be “optimized” to tell search engines — in words — what the video is about.

We can easily optimize all of your YouTube videos to make them SEO assets . . .

1. Include appropriate keyword phrases in the Title of your Video (on YouTube) — to tell the search engine what your video is about.

  • Write a title with keywords can also help your video be found in the search results on YouTube.

2. Include keyword phrases in the Video Description (and writing a substantial Description) if you’re optimizing on YouTube.

3. Include an exact transcript of each Video on YouTube.

4. Link to the Videos from your blog, website, and social media pages.

5. Promote your Videos to drive Views, Likes, and Shares.

Video optimization can help you expose more potential customers to your products and services, and help drive website traffic.

Ready to drive more traffic?  We can have your videos optimized in just a few days.  Contact us to get started today