Social Media Strategy

Are you creating Social Media objectives that:

1. Build awareness of your Brand Promise?   Measure your progress by Audience Creation.  Introduce new audiences to, and build, your Brand Promise with:

  • Content curation
  • Original blog content
  • Online tools
  • Slide shows
  • Videos

2. Drive Traffic and Generate Leads?   Use Content and Offers by Persona by Buying Stage.

Let us help you create:

  • A smart Content distribution strategy  lead-gen-image-for-website
  • A smart Content re-use and transformation strategy
  • A smart relationship-building strategy with appropriate audiences online
  • Low commitment Offers to deliver quality leads that can be nurtured

Social Media Strategy + Content + SEO = SUCCESS!

Social Media Marketing can help introduce your company to prospects . . . help build an IMAGE among target consumers . . . demonstrate and prove your expertise . . . generate traffic to the website . . . and drive prospects to take advantage of a Call to Action OFFER.

To accomplish these things well, we use a “Social Media Roadmap” to guide what we’re trying to accomplish and ensure that we have a specific strategy to get it done.

Social Media Roadmap

Step 1: Objectives — what will be be trying to achieve and how will we measure it?

Step 2: Content plan — what topics will we address for each Buyer Persona and Buying Stage, and for SEO purposes.  How often will we create original Content (blog post, web tool, Slideshare presentation, YouTube video), and how will we supplement that with Curated Content.

Step 3: Distribution plan — on which social media websites will we concentrate our efforts.  What will be the purpose of each social media website in our overall plan?

Step 4: Engagement plan — how will we generate SHARES, quality incoming LINKS, Comments, Likes, Fans, Followers, Views, etc.

Influence, Engage, and Add Value

With a well-planned social media marketing strategy, you can:

  • Become a go-to source for information about your area of expertise, to build your brand, differentiate your company, and demonstrate and prove your expertise and value.
  • Open a dialog and engage prospects in conversations that can provide mutual value. You can learn more about your target customers, and connect on a more personal level.
  • Listen to your target audiences — and influencers — in your industry. You need to join in on conversations that may already be happening without you, and begin to guide future conversations.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website — especially to your Call to Action OFFERS and blog posts.
  • Encourage prospects to SHARE your Content to extend the reach of your social media marketing efforts and help with SEO.
  • Reach bloggers, reporters, and others with websites who will want to LINK to your valuable Content — or who may be looking for sources to rely on

Social Profile Optimization

Are your keywords used across your company’s Social Media Profile pages?  Social profiles can be great sources of website traffic and phone calls.

  • For B2B, prospects searching on LinkedIn should find your key product/service areas in your company’s profile.  Be sure each profile is optimized for your most important keyword phrases.

Contact Response FX and one of our Social Media Strategists will get you started on more effective Social Media Marketing today.