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Put Senior-Level Digital Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing Expertise to Work for You Today

 Give us just a few minutes, and we’ll determine your major lost Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing opportunities. They usually lie in these 6 key areas:

  1. VALUABLE: Are you producing unique, valuable Website website-whitepaper-for-websiteand Blog Content that is helpful to your particular Buyer Personas?  Are you going beyond “words on a page” — and using interesting formats?
  2. SHARE-ABLE: Is your Content interesting enough to be shared by your Buyer Personas?
  3. LINK-ABLE: Will others want to link to your great Content?
  4. SCAN-ABLE  (for the 75% – 85% who scan): Are you writing Headlines and specific, keyword-laden Subheads that outline and highlight ALL of your key points?
  5. ENGAGE-ABLE:  Are you creating MOTIVATING OFFERS appropriate for the action you want to drive from each Buyer Persona at each Buying Stage?  Have you added any interactive tools on your site?
  6. FIND-ABLE: Have you effectively optimized your website Content, blog posts, and videos to maximize your visibility on the search engines?   Does your website navigation “hide” your best tools and Content once I get to your website?  Are your Calls to Action “above the fold”?

Our senior-level Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing experts have extensive KNOWLEDGE of what works and what doesn’t. We can give you better RESULTS faster — to maximize results and ROI.

Common Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing mistakes can cost you thousands of wasted dollars and lost sales (not to mention lost time — even embarrassment or a damaged reputation — due to a failed program).   But out deep knowledge has produced some spectacular results!

With Response FX®, you’ll enjoy extensive knowledge of how to Attract, Engage, Persuade, and Maximize your ROI . . .

  • Get visitors past the home page of your website (See our 2-part series on “10 Rules of Engagement for Turning Visitors into Customers”)
  • Get the email message or direct mail piece opened
  • Write and design for the way 85% of your audience “reads” (they SCAN)
  • Draw recipients into the copy with compelling headlines and visuals

  • Write strong benefit headlines to draw your audience in
  • Involve with strong “leads” and emotional appeals
  • Get the copy read — by making it personal and conversational

  • Craft irresistible Offers — and “merchandise” them (see our post on effective Content Marketing)
  • Create Offers that will motivate profitable response or achieve the upsell objective
  • Design Offers to achieve the right combination of lead quality and quantity
  • Write copy that delivers enough specifics to PROVE your difference — and answer objections
  • Craft email conversion and engagement series — to educate and involve prospects and customers over time, turn one-time purchasers into regular customers, and turn repeat customers into best customers

  • Test Offers to boost conversion and shorten the sales cycle
  • Design creative tests for maximum learning
  • Analyze results to identify the statistically significant winners

Our team brings senior-level expertise in Website Development and WordPress Website and Blog Creation, Content Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Our team has taught Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing at:

San Diego State University
University of San Diego
University of California San Diego
California State University Long Beach
University of San Francisco
United States Postal Service

We are frequent luncheon and seminar speakers for events nationwide:

MARKETING CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS: Direct Marketing Association, American Marketing Association, Postal Customer Councils
INDUSTRY CONFERENCES: Bank Marketing Association, Community and Regional Magazine Association, Credit Union National Association

Look for our articles in Bank Marketing magazine, American Marketing Association’s Marketing News, and Business Journals throughout Southern California.

On the consumer side, we’ve successfully marketed everything from:

skin care to wine . . . software . . .  financial services and real estate investment funds . . . kid-safe Internet browsers . . . educational comic books . . . golf balls and clubs . . . online games . . .  nutritional supplements . . . hotel casinos . . .  memberships . . . movies-on-demand . . . to spas . . . And we do fundraising, too.

Our business-to-business experience includes selling direct and generating qualified leads for:

software (email software, CMS systems) . . . online memberships . . . online medical subscription services  . . . RFID medical device tracking systems . . . industrial vending machines . . . video training programs . . . legal services . . . consulting services . . . online real estate training . . . 1031 real estate exchanges . . . VAR and retailer programs (for software, satellite dishes, and various hardware). . . professional trade associations, seminars and publications . . . 401(k) programs and corporate financial services . . . and more.   View our Portfolio 

Return on your Marketing Investment is our focus. Financial analysis is part of every plan we develop, so you’ll know the expected profitability of your marketing programs before you ever spend a dime.

“If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.”

Contact us for a free evaluation of your current website, SEO, email programs, direct mail, PPC, or social media efforts.