Breakthrough Email Marketing

What are the keys to superior response rates from email?  If you’re looking for an email marketing consultant to help you boost results, you’ll want to focus on . . .

1. Benefit-oriented Content

Great content makes the difference in getting your email noticed in your:

  • Subject Line — the single most important part of your email creative.  If the Subject Line can’t get your email opened and read, you’ve wasted your time and money. 

How to craft superior Subject Lines?  Promise useful information.  Tell your audience something they didn’t know.  Give your target audience a strong reason to take the time to open and read your email.   Subject Lines are a key area for testing in email.

  • “Lead” sentence or paragraph — your lead sentence should “grab” your  audience, and pull them in with an emotional appeal.  It should be the single most important thing you could say to your audience.

For a successful lead, you want to “remind them of some pain” they’re having — and/or you “promise some pleasure.”  If your lead sentence isn’t interesting, you won’t get your recipient to go any further.

  • Bullets that highlight the key points — if you want your recipients to notice key points, HIGHLIGHT them with bullets.  Don’t bury the good stuff within a paragraph.

2.  “I’ve got to have it” offers that drive action

If you want your recipients to take action, you have to promise a strong benefit. WHY should I visit your website?

Be sure to answer the question, “why should I buy from you?” or “why should I be interested in this?”

If you can’t clearly answer one of these questions in your email, why are we surprised if recipients don’t click?

3.  Careful testing

Email is so easily tested!  You should know which Subject Lines, offers, and creative approaches respond better to your audience. Why keep guessing?

4.  Creating a “click-through” opportunity

How do you know if what you sent in your email was of interest to your audience?

Do you use the semi-useless “open rate” as a gauge?  “Open rate” doesn’t tell you how many recipients actually “opened” your email — it tells you how many times the graphics in your HTML email message were requested from the server.  The problem?

  • Every email with a preview pane registers EVERY EMAIL AS AN OPEN whether the recipient actually ever clicks to really open the message or not.
  • If your recipients opened your email on a mobile device (which more than 50% of them now do), that that mobile device only accepts text messages, they could open your email 1 million times — and not one of those TRUE OPENS would ever be counted — because the mobile device isn’t including your graphics in the email message.

So how do you track interest?  Include a “click-through opportunity” in every email.  Send recipients to a web page to learn more about your product or service, view all of your new offerings, or to get whatever you’re promising.

  • Then you can see what percentage of recipients were interested enough to click.  Your click-through rate (CTR) is the key measure of how successful your email message was.

5.  Selecting the right email mailing list

In direct mail, the mailing list has been considered to be 60% of your success.

With email, it’s still true that no matter how great your HTML looks or how fabulous your copy reads or how enticing your offer — if you send me an offer related to dogs, and I’m a cat owner, I won’t respond and you’ve wasted your efforts.

TARGETING is still key.

  • If you’re selling items for children, email lists of parents with children might be a good start.
  • But what if your average sale is $100?   Be sure to seek out lists of those who’ve made large purchases for their kids online.

Challenge your list broker to find highly-targeted email list options for you to test.  They are out there.  And surprisingly, some companies are having great success (more than 1% click-through on a regular basis!) with rented email lists.

 Our PROVEN Email Marketing System Generates Stellar Results

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  • Email to small- to medium-size business owners got 22% to opt-in to Union Bank’s enewsletter
  • New email campaign DOUBLED SALES for e-commerce website

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