Improve Email Relevance by Tracking Clicked Topics by Name

by Karen J. Marchetti

Are you tracking which of your customers or past responders are clicking on your email messages?

You can learn more about what your customers and prospects are interested in, whether they’re engaged or not, and how often they’d like to hear from you, by tracking clicks by individual name. For example:

1.Customers or Prospects Who Regularly Click a Link Within an Email Message or E-Newsletter

Customers who are regularly clicking on your email messages are actively engaged with your product or service.

  • They are likely seeking information or a solution, and are most likely to convert to customers or donors when they are most actively clicking on your messages.
  • Be sure to track the topics they click.  Do you see patterns?  Do some groups only click on topics related to Product A, but rarely for Product B?  You may want to segment your email messages, and focus on Product A for the group that seems interested primarily in Product A.

2.Customers or Prospects Who Used to, But No Longer, Click Links Within Your Email Messages

Customers who were clicking, but no longer are clicking, may be disengaged with your product or service.

If you see a pattern of no clicks for several months, that probably means you need to send those names a different series of emails. You might consider sending this group:

  1. Email messages that don’t look like your regular email communications, and that feature a more engaging Subject line.
  2. A simpler one article “tip a week” email, if you’ve been sending a “newsletter” format with many topics.
  3. A simple “what topics would you like to know more about?” email, that links to a simple form where they can choose topics they’re interested in.
  4. New Offers they haven’t seen before — checklists, white papers, webinars, demos, etc.

Look at the topics they clicked on before, and send them messages that focus on those topics.

3.Key Customer Groups Only Clicking Periodically

If you’re sending weekly emails, but see customers who only click once or twice a month, that may be a sign that this group needs a reduced frequency of emails.

How to tell?  Ask them. Send them a simple email that allows them to select frequency, by giving them a few big buttons to click:


4. What can you do with this information?

  • Customize future email messages by recipient, based on topics clicked on.
  • Follow-up with direct mail efforts to those recipients interested in a particular solution.
  • Have your telemarketers follow-up to those who’ve clicked on a particular article.
  • Try a different approach for those recipients with no clicks after 2 or 3 email messages.
  • Profile your opt-out names, looking at their past click behavior. Did they opt-out because they never clicked to learn more from any email you sent them?

Most marketers find that from 25% to 40% of names on your email list don’t click on any links within any of your email messages.

If you’re sending an enewsletter, identify the names that haven’t clicked over the last 3 issues:

  • What was the original source of the names?
  • Are some of these names CUSTOMERS?

Consider sending a more personal email message to these names, covering just one compelling topic. Maybe test a text message, if you’ve been sending HTML.