Mobile Email Message Design

by Karen J. Marchetti

More of your email promotional message and e-newsletter recipients are likely reading their email on a mobile device. To optimize your email message for mobile platforms:

  • Watch the use of large masthead banners or logos at the top of your email — they can push the headline and call to action down too far in your message.
  • Consider getting your brand/sender name, offer, link to your call to action, and your phone number in the first few lines of your email. Those reading emails on mobile phones aren’t typically going to do a lot of scrolling.
  • Keep your content abbreviated, with more calls to action — and be sure to test your links on various mobile platforms (Android, iPhone) as well as on various email programs (Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail).
  • Use alt-tags in images, as some mobile clients have images off as the default.

You can also have a “Reading this on a mobile device?” link at the top of your email message, that links to an abbreviated version of your email message or e-newsletter.

Remember if you’re including images, email messages can get large. Pivotal Veracity suggests keeping your email messages under 20Kb.