Get More From Email Thank You Messages

by Karen J. Marchetti

Are you under-utilizing your “Thank You” and Confirmation Emails?

When visitors to your website register and click “send me your enewsletter” (or respond to one of your other lead generation offers), do they get an email that says “thank you” — and little else?

What about other automatic emails you send — maybe order confirmations, shipping confirmations, etc. — are you using those high-readership communications effectively?

Thank You Emails Should Deliver Value — and Motivate the Next Step in the Sales Process

Every “thank you” and transactional email message generates extremely high readership.

After a prospect has registered or a customer has ordered on your website, you’ve gotten the desired action. Why not take advantage of the high readership value of a transactional email message to motivate the next step?

For prospects, consider links within your “thank you” email to your:

  • Special Offers page or Best-Selling Products page or Upcoming Events page
  • White papers, special reports
  • Webinars and seminars
  • Comparison Tool or other online tools
  • Product Information pages
  • Case Studies pages

You may want to include one case study within the email itself.

For customers, consider links in your “thank you” emails to:

  • How to Use/Set Up pages
  • Case Studies pages
  • FAQs
  • Customer support
  • Accessories pages

You may want to include useful “Start Up” information in the email, or details on the most popular features of the product purchased.

Include Another Offer

In your “thank you for registering” email, consider including a promotional offer to drive the first sale.

For customers, include a special offer for an accessory item, for their second purchase, or for a related item.