Keep More Opt Ins With an Email Preference Center

by Karen J. Marchetti

What is your opt-out procedure for email subscribers?   Do you force them to opt-out of all communications from you?

Selective Opt-Out Can Maintain More Email Subscribers

You likely send out several types of email messages, perhaps:

  • Newsletter
  • Promotional offers
  • Transactional messages (thank you for registering, etc.)

When recipients click your “unsubscribe” link, be sure to take them to a page where they can “selectively opt-out” if desired. Don’t just assume everyone who received your last product sale email wants to be removed from your email newsletter list.

For example, you might consider adding choices like:

Would you like to receive:

•Our newsletter and promotional offers

•Our newsletter only

•Our promotional offers only

•No email at all from us


Would you like to receive:

a.News and special offers about these specific brands or products only: _______________________ (please specify)

b.News about all new products

c.News about all products on sale

d.Product use tips only

You don’t want the opt-out process to be laborious. But it’s a good idea to give your unsubscribers a few choices as to WHAT they want to unsubscribe to, and you’ll likely keep more names on your email list.

Also include a “Why are you unsubscribing” question to see what you can learn.