Direct Mail Package Makeover:  Revised Self-Mailer Gets Record Response

Self-Mailer Outer and Mailing Panels

Here’s the “before” version of this 3-panel direct mail “self-mailer”:   self-mailer

Notice in the “after” below:

• The link to the testimonials on the outer panel — before the recipient even knew what the program was all about — was removed.  Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect, and tell a story in a logical order.

• The confusing headline and graphic was changed to more compelling copy and a simpler graphic.  (Don’t think direct mail recipients will try to figure out what you mean.  If you confuse them with your copy, your direct mail piece will likely go straight into the trash.)

• We got more SPECIFIC about the special FREE offer

self-mailer inside

Self-Mailer Inside Panels

The “before” version of the inside spread took the eye on somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, with all the arrows and bubbles.

The “before” copy focused on “we’ve got a product to sell” — and jumped around from introducing the idea of a Bible Club, mentioning some of the details of the Club, pitching the offer and call to action, and then “whispering” the benefits as sort of an afterthought.

Self-mailer inside panels

The “after” design still moves the eye, but does so in a more normal reading manner. Graphics in the “after” don’t overpower the copy by screaming “look at these graphics”.

The “after” version first intrigues the reader with some involving questions, and then it introduces the solution. The offer is then pitched, and the unique benefits of this program are featured prominently. Only one purple arrow remains — allowing it to really draw the eye to the response device.

Self-mailer inside panels

Direct Mail Makeover Results?

Christian Education Warehouse reports they were overwhelmed with response — they had to call in temp workers to handle all the FREE Kit requests!

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