Dimensional Mail Gets Your Package Opened for High-Value Sales

ProBuy software dimensional direct mail

To introduce Software to Office Supplies dealers (a mostly male audience), we needed to stand out in the mail — and be sure the brand name was remembered.

The first package in the direct mail series was a football-themed box that delivered the ProBuy brochure with a miniature ProBuy-branded football.  A large full-color label covering the front of the box introduced the football theme, and the ProBuy brochure featured the football graphic on the front.

Boxes (that might contain gifts) are almost always delivered directly to the boss’s desk by any gatekeeper.


The second direct mailer was golf-themed — and delivered ProBuy-branded golf tees in a padded envelope.

The envelope featured a large full-color label that introduced the golf theme.  The ProBuy brochure included the golf graphic on its cover.

“Lumpy” packages have that “cracker jack” effect — people wonder what’s inside.  Lumpy packages get noticed, get opened — and gatekeepers are highly likely to put the package on the boss’s desk.


The third package in the direct mail series was baseball-themed.  The padded envelope delivered a ProBuy-branded miniature pennant along with the ProBuy brochure.

The baseball pennant look was introduced on the full-color label on the padded envelope.  A baseball diamond graphic appeared on the ProBuy brochure.

The ProBuy Brand Became Highly Visible in the Offices of Office Supplies Dealers


As the ProBuy sales staff began to make follow-up visits to each Office Supplies dealer, they noticed the ProBuy footballs, pennants, and golf tees EVERYWHERE in their prospects’ offices.

The ProBuy name was highly visible among its prospects, the company was seen as an innovator for sending such an engaging direct mail series, and the mailings got the sales people in the door!