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These 2 direct mail chapters, originally written for our upcoming book on superior marketing results, will walk you through all of the key steps to create direct mail that really sells.

Direct Mail Success Factors to Maximize ROI

What are the 6 keys to REALLY successful direct mail efforts?   They’re not the ones most companies, agencies, and freelancers spend the most time on.   Learn why Mailing List is your #1 priority, along with everything to know about choosing a list that’s likely to generate far more response that others.  How to pick the right package format for your mailer, how to run the numbers to see if your direct mail as planned is likely to breakeven, and more.

Copy that Sells in Direct Mail

Copy in direct mail needs to SELL.  It needs to motivate the recipient to take some action — usually by visiting your website, calling an 800 number, or visiting your retail location.

Why doesn’t your direct mail sell?  It’s usually due to 5 completely solvable problems.  Learn how to develop your direct mail copy step by step, including:  how to create the right headline to get your package opened, how to follow the sales process, how to write the lead, write for scan-ability, and more.

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