Response Coach® Workshops for Digital Marketing and Direct Marketing

Does your team need to build knowledge of the best practices in digital and direct marketing?

Do they need some training in proven techniques for websites, email marketing, and direct mail in:

  • Content — planning valuable content by Buyer Persona and Buying Stage, WordPress blogs, content marketing
  • Copy — improving Headlines, Subject Lines, Subheads, Leads, and making every word count
  • Offer — choosing the right lead generation offer to deliver the right level of lead quality and quantity and drive-the-sale ecommerce offers
  • Email Marketing — how to craft an email conversion series, how to create emails to track click-throughs
  • Adwords PPC — how to set up campaigns most effectively, how to improve campaign results, and how to manage on-going campaigns
  • WordPress — everything you need to know about creating blog posts or managing a website using WordPress

Here are our most popular direct marketing and digital marketing workshops:

SEO Copywriting that Drives the Response

Learn how to motivate with one of the 7 emotional drivers, how to map out a strong selling argument, the 5 steps to an effective headline (plus 6 great headline ideas), and how to write a “lead” that will draw the reader or visitor in. Turn mediocre copy into fabulous copy in 4 key steps. Learn how SEO pros choose and optimize for the right keyword phrases. Plus, discover how to make your copy for website marketing, email marketing, and direct mail marketing really drive the RESPONSE!

Crafting Online Offers That Get Action!

Having trouble coming up with effective Call to Action Offers?  There are over 100 offers you could consider — how many have you tested? You’ll learn 3 steps to building Offers, the 4 components of “sell” Offers, the 2 components of “lead” Offers — plus dozens of Offer ideas with samples! Discover how to use “layered” Offers and Offer “libraries”  to capture each Buyer Persona at each Buying Stage. You’ll uncover the secret to crafting lead generation Offers that deliver the right mix of lead “quality” versus quantity. And you’ll learn how to “merchandise” to make your Offer irresistible!

Recreating Your Website: A 12-Step Program for A Website “Intervention”

Are you considering sending your website to “Rehab”?  Our 12-Step Program focuses on making your website FIND-able, SHARE-able, LINK-able, ENGAGE-able, VALUE-able, and SCAN-able.  We’ll cover navigation focused on your Buyer Personas,  new layouts to move the eye to the most important response elements “above the fold”, how to emphasize response on EVERY page of your website, and create Scan-able (and Search Engine Optimized) copy that will look easy to read and move visitors to respond.

Content Marketing Strategy: Blog and Content Creation for Maximum Results

Effective Content Strategy starts with your Buyer Personas and maps out Content by Buying Stage for each Persona.  But your Content needs to move beyond “paragraphs on a page.”  You want to create Content that is ENGAGING, LINK-able, and SHARE-able — that your prospects and customers will find VALUABLE.  We’ll consider Online Tools, Checklists, Videos, Slide Shows, Infographics, and more.  We’ll build your blog’s editorial calendar.  Some Content will become Call to Action Lead Generation Offers for “Content Marketing.”  We’ll develop a plan so virtually all of your Content will be re-purposed into other formats to further extend its value.   (Training in WordPress can be included.)

Making Over Your Direct Mail Marketing: Package Format and Design

How effective is your total direct mail marketing package? Should you do an envelope package, a “self-mailer,” a “magalog” – or maybe a “dimensional” mailer? Learn the 3 critical roles of design in direct mail marketing (hint: it’s not what most designers think), the 10 areas where design can negatively or positively affect response, plus the 5 most common direct mail marketing mistakes.

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