Response Coach® Consulting to boost Digital and Direct Marketing Response

Whether your team includes entry-level marketers who need to learn digital marketing details, mid-level marketers who need digital planning help, or more traditional marketers who need to build digital knowledge, we can help train your team for digital marketing success!

We’ll work with your team in-house on your Digital Marketing and Direct Marketing efforts including:

  • Websites:  navigation, lead generation offers, copywriting, SEO, content strategy, blog
  • Landing pages:  to test offers and copy
  • Email marketing programs to generate qualified leads
  • Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click:  better program set-up and testing means smarter, more cost-effective programs
  • Direct mail:  mailing lists, copywriting, offer creation, design, print and mail coordination

These are our most popular direct and digital marketing consulting programs. Schedule us to come in for a certain number of hours per week or to improve or complete a certain project.

Web Site RehabSM

Does your website need an “intervention”? One of the most critical roles of marketing in managing a website is in tracking website Conversion — and making regular changes to improve it. If your website is just not achieving your objectives, check it into our website clinic. Re-navigation, new look, smarter layout, stronger copy, better response. It’s a 12-step program for your website to make it more FIND-able, SHARE-able, LINK-able, ENGAGE-able, VALUE-able. and SCAN-able.

Lead Generation and Conversion ClinicSM

Do you have a well thought-out plan for prospecting and conversion?  Have you thought about the steps in your sales process, incentives/Offers to move prospects along in the process, and a regular Contact plan?  What will motivate your Buyer Personas to take action?

Direct Mail RehabSM     Fundraising Direct Mail

Is your envelope getting opened? Does your copy draw the recipient in? Is the Offer irresistible? If not, it’s time for a Direct Mail
Rehab.  Mailing list is the single most important element — how much time are you spending on choosing the most effective mailing list?  You can easily “test your way to success” in direct mail.  What are you testing?

Offer Re-ConstructionSM

For a big change in response, change the Call to Action Offer! Advertising agencies call us all the time to help them craft stronger and more appropriate offers. Why not use our expertise for your own efforts?  From Content Marketing lead generation offers to drive-the-sale offers, we are the Offer Experts.  (There are over 100 offers you could consider — how many have you tested?)

Copy Re-AlignmentSM

Does your copy really convince me as to “why I should buy yours?” Do your headlines and lead paragraphs deliver the single most important messages you could possibly say? If not, it’s time for a Copy Re-Alignment, based on your unique points of differentiation.

Brand Voice RediscoverySM

Do you sound like every other company who competes with you? Is your Offer the same as the competition? If I removed your logo from your website, email marketing effort, direct mail, or print ad, could I tell from the copy that it was your company? If not, it’s time for a Brand Voice Rediscovery in your copy and key messaging.

 Response Re-FocusSM

Are all of your marketing campaign elements focused on getting a response? Does each page on your website focus on your key response elements? If not, it’s time for a Response Re-Focus to speed up your sales process, build a follow-up list, and measure results from all of your marketing efforts.

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