Response Coach® Training and Consulting for Direct and Digital Marketing Teams

Does your new staff need digital training?  Does your team need to build or improve their marketing skills?  Could they use some strategic direction?

Are you struggling to improve marketing results?  Would a senior-level review of your programs by a digital marketing consultant help to give you a fresh perspective?


  • RESPONSE COACH® CONSULTING:  When you need some help, guidance, or on-going individual training to improve your website, SEO, Google Adwords, copy, offers, blog, direct mail , email marketing
  • RESPONSE COACH® WORKSHOPS: In-house training on Digital Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing to boost your own team’s effectiveness fast!

Response Coach® Digital Marketing Consulting

When you need to “rent” some senior-level expertise in:

  • Lead generation programs to deliver A, B, and C leads
  • Search Engine Optimization, content optimization, video optimization
  • Pay Per Click:  Google Adwords, LinkedIn PPC
  • SEO Copywriting, Email Marketing Copywriting, or Direct Mail Copywriting
  • Content and Offer Creation for each Buyer Persona and Buying Stage
  • Blog editorial calendar planning
  • WordPress (blog or website)
  • Web Site RehabTM :improving navigation, copy, content strategy, offers and conversion paths, landing pages, SEO

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 Response Coach® Workshops

Could your team benefit from some in-house training in:

  • Copywriting (for your website, SEO copywriting, email, direct mail, blog posts)
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Offer Creation — by Persona and Buying Stage
  • Content Marketing Strategy — to make your website and blog more LINK-able, SHARE-able, ENGAGE-able, and VALUE-able
  • SEO — to finally get it done the right way and make your website and blog more FIND-able
  • PPC — to tighten your focus, test your way to success, and ensure more qualified clicks that convert
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy — tied into your Content Marketing plan, and designed to build an audience, prove your expertise, and generate measurable leads
  • Direct Mail Marketing — to ensure your mailing list, Offer, and Sales message are the most effective they can be
  • Testing Plans and Analysis — to maximize Return on Investment

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Why Clients Choose Us

  • We don’t rely on trends — we teach PROVEN, TESTED design principles for websites, email, and direct mail
  • We know what copy approaches and individual words can make a difference in response in email, direct mail, and websites — because we’ve consistently achieved great RESULTS
  • We are experts at crafting low-commitment offers that will get email and social media clicks — and generate response from the maximum number of website visitors
  • We never forget the need for a UNIQUE positioning to answer “why should I buy yours?”
  • We test everything, we track everything, and we run the ROI numbers for every program
  • We get RESULTS!  See the numbers

What Clients Say

This is a short note to tell you how important we all sense your key role has been for us at EMAS! Karen, we do look forward to continuing our working relationship in the times ahead, and asking for your expertise & guidance. You’re a delight to work with, and so-o-o talented!!! We’ll remain pleased to help refer other potential clients towards your assistance. Super to work with you, Karen. Thank you!” 
Andrew Nassir, President, EMAS Pro
Over the years we’ve had our marketing staff  attend her workshops to improve their skills. When we were heavily involved in catalog and direct mail, Karen helped us fine tune our copy and presentation for maximum results. More recently, she’s helped with email, website, and blog strategies. If you want clear, concise, focused help and critiques . . . Karen’s the best!” 
David Malme, President, Christian Ed Warehouse